Cost of Dental Implants & Crowns


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We’ve cut out the middlemen so you can save up to 30% on dental implants, crowns and bridges at Cosmetic Dental.

Dental implants can be an expensive procedure and a drawn out process when the implant is placed by one doctor and the crown placed by another in different practices.

Dental holidays have a hidden cost, your time.
Some patients have opted to travel overseas to have their implants placed the return home, wait 3 to 6 months for the implants to integrate into the bone. Then another trip is needed to have the impression done so the crowns can be made and fitted. This traveling certainly adds to to the cost, plus there is the added stress on the providers to turn the jobs around in limited time, resulting in diminished artistic flare and decreased precision in fit.

Plus who if they had a choice would want to use their precious holiday time sitting in a dental chair in a country where English is not the first language.

Lowering costs by cutting out the middlemen
At Cosmetic Dental the implant placement and fitting of the crowns, bridges or dentures are all done by Dr Michael Kan under the same roof.

This way everything becomes more seemless and cost effective. Added to this we have used advancements in technology to no only give a superior result but we have be able to reduce the cost to the patient for their dental implants.

Save up to 30% on implants
Because we have been able to make reduction in costs with out affecting our standards it is not uncommon to reduce the cost to the patient by 25% to 30%. The more implants you have placed at one time the bigger the savings.

So if you thought implants are too expensive, then think again as the treatment costs have come down.

Implant and Crown price range
The cost of dental implants in the past has ranged between $3000 to $3600 for the implant and $3200 for the crown (total $6200 to $6800).

Now implants can be placed for $2300 each and the more you have placed at one time the less each implant will cost you.

Dental crowns range from $2500 to $3300.

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Checkout these dental implant, crown and bridge patient case studies to see what results you can expect.

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