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Skin Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation and cosmetic dentistry go hand and hand to further enhance your appearance.

Our aim is to give you a younger natural look. This starts with a no obligation consultation so we can listen to your concern and make recommendations.

Only FDA approved products and techniques are used as safety is a priority.

To achieve great results, knowledge and experience counts.


The face is 3 dimensional and dynamic, applying treatment is an art to get the right dosage in the exact area so you get the optimum balance, and symmetry. This can only be done with an extensive detail knowledge of facial anatomy and experience, and listening to the patients wants. Like art it can be a matter of interpretation.

This artistic flare really comes into play when a patient has asymmetry that needs to be balanced with toxin or filler.

Our Cosmetic injector expert Soraya Sabetian is often called upon by stressed clients who have had a not so good experience with botched treatments from elsewhere. This requires her vast experience, and her artistic flare to help these clients to look good again.

Soraya offers wrinkle relaxer enhancement to treat:

  • Frown lines   

  • Forehead lines    

  • Crows feet

  • Dermal filler to smooth smile and fine lines

  • Soften marionette lines

  • Soften lipstick lines

  • Lip enhancement

  • Sharpen facial features.

Soraya also offers Mono Threads, boost collagen and elastin tighten the skin.
The much talked about Plasma Rich Protein treatments (PRP), also known as the vampire facial which benefits are:

  • Reduce pigmentation.

  • Increase Collagen production.

  • Reduced Fine Lines and Wrinkles.

  • Tighter, Firmer Skin.

  • Improved Moisture Retention.

  • Enhanced Skin Tone and Texture.

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