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White Fillings


Dr Michael Kan and Dr. Celina Sim uses a number of advanced techniques to replace unsightly amalgam (mercury) fillings with beautiful, unnoticeable white fillings. White fillings are superior because they don’t expand or crack teeth as amalgam does. White fillings (composite materials or porcelain) and CEREC provide the highest quality filling. There has been considerable debate over recent years regarding the safety of mercury fillings, with the majority of dentists now in agreement that the use of white fillings is safer and superior to amalgam.

Case Study

Front tooth was split in an accident. The patient was only 16 years of age and wanted his smile to look good and the tooth to look natural.


Dr. Michael Kan used 6 different composite resins in an artistic layering technique in order to restore his smile in one appointment.


View case studies of White Fillings.

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