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Mercury Amalgam Replacements


At Cosmetic Dental we can remove your unsightly mercury fillings and replace with safe, white non-amalgam. The CEREC Cad Cam technology specializes in replacing this missing section of your tooth in one visit. It will strengthen your tooth using a natural looking, tooth-coloured material. Not all white fillings are equal. When not performed correctly, they can leak and be the cause of costly and extensive repair-work.

Case Studies

This patient wanted her mercury fillings removed.


We replaced the Amalgam with a white bonded filling, this can be done in either resin or cerec porcelain.


View two patient case studies of mercury amalgam removal.

Herramientas dentales en bolsillo
CEREC porcelain restorations will give you the most durable white restoration that will last.

And it can be done in just one appointment. At Cosmetic Dental, we can also offer the following when removing mercury fillings: A Galvanic meter to determine the best order in which to remove your fillings. Medical oxygen so you don’t breathe in any mercury or vapor. A rubber dam to prevent you swallowing any mercury Some patients also like to take an anti-oxidant before having mercury fillings removed.

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