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How the Inman Aligner Works


The Inman Aligner is designed to align your front teeth (usually the most important as they form the most visible part of your smile) with a simple removable appliance. The Inman Aligner is made from nickel titanium coil springs, with two opposing aligner bows (see photo below) that guide your teeth into their new aligned position. Because the Inman aligner bows are able to act over a wide range of teeth, this creates faster movement overall. This explains why the Inman Aligner is able to straighten your teeth so quickly, usually between six to 18 weeks depending on the goals of your treatment. The squeeze effect in action. Two aligner bows displace gentle pressure on both the inner bow and outer bow of the front teeth.

Herramientas dentales en bolsillo
Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Advantage of Inman Aligners?

Speediness of treatment and lower cost. Compared to other teeth straightening treatments like such as Invisalign and metal braces (typically 12 to 18 months or longer), Inman Aligners take only a fraction of the treatment time.

How much does the treatment cost?

Cost wise, a typical teeth straightening treatment with the Inman Aligner system can be much less expensive that Invisalign or traditional braces. It depends on the complexity of your case and how long the treatment will take.

Following your initial appointment with the team at Cosmetic Dental, we’ll provide you with a no obligation treatment plan which will include the cost on the Inman aligner treatment.

What are the disadvantages of the Inman Aligner treatment?

The main disadvantage of the Inman aligner is that it only applies force to a section of your teeth at one time. Also, the forces are only in one direction, whereas with Invisalign or metal braces, multiple forces are being applied to rotate an position teeth into the correct position.

From patient feedback, it seems the Inman aligner is more uncomfortable to wear and more visible than invisible braces.

How long does the Treatment take?

Between six to 18 weeks. We’ll give you a realistic timeframe for your teeth in your initial appointment to decide whether the Inman Aligner is ideal for you.

Does the Inman Aligner Treament hurt?

In the first two weeks the aligner will create some discomfort. After this initial period your mouth will become used to the aligner to the point where you don’t notice it at all.

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