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Teeth Whitening


Cosmetic Dental was one of the first clinics in New Zealand to offer teeth whitening procedures.

You’ve probably heard of many different teeth whitening techniques; Brightsmile, Laser Whitening and ZOOM. There are a number of different teeth whitening procedures available today, some take longer than others, some involve treatments at home while others can be completed after a single treatment in the clinic.

Case Study

This patient is a coffee drinker and wanted whiter teeth.


Beyond Teeth Whitening to whiten her smile.

Teeth Whitening Smile Gallery

See more before and after results from five teeth whitening treatments.

Teeth whitening is a well-established procedure in cosmetic dentistry. If you have sensitive teeth (or a single sensitive tooth), you’ll be happy to know that we have a proven teeth whitening solution that won’t aggravate any sensitivities.

Cosmetic Dental offers two forms of teeth whitening, the Beyond Whitening system, and the Home Teeth Whitening Tray Kit.

Herramientas dentales en bolsillo
Frequentely Asked Questions


BEYOND Whitening’s patented “cold light” technology combined with specially developed teeth whitening gel provides fast and effective whitening. This advanced technique uses a filtration system that eliminates exposure to harmful UV light and heat, thereby reducing sensitivity.

BEYOND Whitening gel (hydrogen peroxide) is alkaline which prevents damage to your teeth. It also contains calcium and minerals to enhance and strengthen your teeth. The active agent has been safely used for many years in the treatment of gums and other oral soft tissue.

The gel is very safe and stays on your teeth for only around 30 minutes, the total procedure, including consultation and preparation takes around 90 minutes.

To wipe away years of smoking, coffee drinking or yellowing from aging, the BEYOND Whitening system can give you whiter, shinier teeth and a smile that you’ll want to show off every day.


Home Whitening Tray Kit

For those who would like to gain whiter teeth from the comfort and convenience of home, the Home Whitening Tray Kit provides the perfect solution.

The first step involves coming into Cosmetic Dental for an assessment. Next, we make custom trays that fit your mouth exactly. This means that not only does the gel adhere to your teeth evenly and efficiently, but the trays are as comfortable as possible and easy to use.

Once your custom trays are ready, you’ll need to return to the clinic to fit the trays and make any necessary adjustments. You’ll be given a separate tray for the upper and lower teeth which are clear and are made from a soft flexible plastic. Our experienced clinicians will show you how to load the trays with whitening gel, you’ll then be ready to take them home and start enjoying a whiter, brighter smile! If you have any questions about Teeth Whitening, please go to our Teeth Whitening FAQs page or call us on 09 524 2515

What teeth whitening costs

The great news is that the cost of teeth whitening is cheaper then it was 20 years ago, due to a decreased cost in materials used to whiten teeth, plus the use of dental hygienists, and assistant to carry out the whitening process.

There are two main ways we can whiten your teeth. The whitening process can occur at the dental office where a strong concentration of whitening gel is applied to your teeth to remove the stains. This is done under supervision by one of the dental team. This process takes only a single 90 min appointment. Another method to whiten your teeth is custom home whitening, this is where our dental team will take impressions and make customer fitting whitening trays so you can apply whitening gel at home to whiten your teeth.

In surgery whitening costs $399, the custom home trays and gel also costs $399. There is a special for those who want the fastest and whitest results, plus have the ability to maintain their whitened teeth at home. This package includes both in-surgery whitening and custom home whitening trays and gel for the cost of $599.

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