Metal-Free Dental Implants

A 33 year old patient lost two teeth in her upper right. She was embarrassed to smile, and found it hard to eat. Her wish was new teeth that feel and look natural. She also asked that the implants be metal-free. The solution was two zirconium metal-free implants, with zirconium crowns to replace her missing teeth.


A 54-year-old female came in with mobile front teeth, due to gum disease. The 2 front teeth could not be saved. This patient did not want to have a denture for the rest of her life.

Solution: Two implant crowns to replace her failing front teeth. Treatment by Dr Michael Kan.


Patient presented wanting her missing teeth replaced, so she could enjoy chewing her food. She found that she was the last to finish meals, and always had to make sure that the food was soft so she could eat on the few remaining teeth. Her wish was to have teeth that felt like real teeth, and to keep up at the dinner table with her husband.

After giving her options she elected to have the missing teeth replaced with dental implants. After a 3D x-ray and computer planning to generate guides to accurately place the implants she had 10 implants placed.

Implants were placed by Dr. Michael Kan


Patient smashed her front tooth which could not be saved. Solution: Placement of a dental implant.

Treatment completed by Dr Michael Kan



This patient had lost a number of his teeth through wear and decay. Solution: Eight implants to restore his smile.



Patient lost two back teeth and could not chew his food. Solution: Two implant crowns placed to replace the missing teeth, so now the patint can chew.

16-before.jpg 16-after.jpg

Ending Ulcers & Enabling The Ability To Chew All Foods
Our clients lower full denture moved when she ate and gave her ulcers. 4 implants & bar were placed so full denture could clip to it, allowing our client to chew all foods


Patient had four missing teeth which she wanted replaced. Solution: We decided on four implants so we did not have to cut her natural teeth if we placed bridges.

Treatment completed by Dr. Michael Kan