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Smile Makeovers: Victor Kalolo


For years Victor hated his smile and his dream was to smile without being embarrassed to show his teeth. Otherwise Victor is a confident guy who is an active sportsman, competing in rugby league, mixed martial arts and body building. In body building, presentation is everything and Victor’s smile was letting him down in front of the judges.

Victor wanted to jump start his acting career but he was landing next to no roles apart for the odd villain role because of his teeth. His agent sat him down and told him that if he wanted to have a successful acting career then he needed to get his teeth fixed.

So Victor came to see Dr Kan for his first new patient consult where we went over his wants, needs and budget. Victor had a tight time frame as he wanted the treatment to be completed in time for his upcoming body building competition.

We set up a treatment plan that involved the following to achieve Victor’s wish for:

“A white smile with straight teeth and the gaps between my teeth closed with the missing teeth replaced.”

Treatment Plan
  1. Dental Hygienist to perform a scaling and polishing of Victor’s teeth to improve gum health.

  2. Teeth whitening, with one appointment using Beyond Polus teeth whitening (in office treatment).

  3. Closing the spaces using composite bonding to widen and lengthen Victor’s teeth. This was completed in one appointment free hand using a number of different shades to give a natural look.

  4. The missing teeth were replaced with a cosmetic denture. This involved removing the upper left and upper right upper baby canines and fitting a denture to replace the missing teeth. The replacement teeth now looked like they were growing out of the gums like his natural teeth.


We decided to not to proceed with dental implants at this stage to replace his missing teeth due to the risk of being hit in the MMA ring.

We finished the treatment before the deadline for Victor’s body building competition. Within a week Victor’s improved smile gave him the confidence to land two roles in TV ads. Since the treatment Victor has been offered many more but is selective on what he takes as he is a youth councilor and is committed to being a good role model to teenagers in his community.

Victor’s investment in the treatment was $6,500.

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