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Replace Your Missing Teeth


And smile with confidence again!

Missing teeth are a problem for many people. Sometimes teeth are lost due to accidents, other times due to decay, fracturing or wear and tear, and sometimes they just do not develop.

Either way, missing teeth can contribute to lowered self-esteem and prevent people from achieving their full potential. Missing teeth can also lead to a marked reduction in the ability to chew our foods, so people are not able to chew or eat certain foods that they once enjoyed.

It is common for people with missing teeth to take more time to eat their meals due to the decrease in available chewing surface. There are a number of procedures to effectively replace missing teeth.


These include:

  1. Implant crowns

  2. Implant bridges

  3. Full arch implant retained bridges

  4. Dentures

  5. Implant retained dentures with anchors

  6. All of four implant teeth replacement

  7. Bridges

Some of these procedures can be provided almost instantly to replace missing teeth and provide you with a confident and radiant smile. This will allow you to maximise your chewing ability so you can once again enjoy the foods you love.

Case Studies

Single anterior tooth replacement
A 26 year old female wanted her missing tooth replaced before her wedding so she would feel more confident on her wedding day.


A dental implant was inserted to complete her smile and improve her self-confidence.


Posterior Implant Bridge
After a 52 year old male lost 2 of his back teeth, he found he could not chew his food and felt as though the missing teeth had aged him.


After looking at all the options, we placed 2 implants to replace the missing teeth. He instantly found he could once again eat the foods he loved, and feels the replaced teeth are as good as his natural ones.


Single posterior tooth replacement
A 37 year old male lost a tooth after he cracked it in half on an olive stone. He found he could not chew his food very well due to the loss of this tooth.


After considering a bridge, a dental implant was inserted instead as it enabled us to keep the neighbouring teeth intact. Long term this should last for life.


Denture to replace missing canines

This patient was told his acting career was at a dead end unless he did something to improve his teeth. He tended to hide his teeth when talking. He was also active in the ring as a mixed martial arts fighter so his new smile had to be durable to take the hits.


“All-on-4” dental implants and denture


Composite (white filling) bonding was carried out to close the gap between his front teeth and a partial denture was fitted to replace the 2 missing upper canines (eye teeth). Victor now loves to smile and has since landed a number of lead roles in ads. When Victor retires from his fights in the ring we will replace the denture with dental implants.

A 65 year old patient lost her lower teeth due to periodontal disease [bone loss] and wore a full upper and lower denture. Her lower denture was very unstable when eating, which is a very common result. She wanted to be able to eat salad again.

Total missing teeth replacement using implants and full arch bridges


Four dental implants were inserted and a bar placed, so the denture clipped onto the bar. This stopped it from rocking and moving, and she is now very happy eating salad again.

A female patient lost all of her teeth and struggled with full upper and lower dentures. Her confidence dropped because she was terrified the dentures would drop when talking. Her ability to chew decreased so much she could only eat soft foods. Because the roof of her mouth was covered with her plastic denture her ability to taste was reduced.

Solution: Dental Implants were placed in the upper and lower jaws. High strength ceramic teeth were permanently fitted as a bridge across the implants. Her confidence returned, as she no longer feared her denture dropping. She also no longer has any concerns chewing the foods she once could not chew.


Anterior bridges to replace missing teeth.
This female patient had 2 upper porcelain and metal bridges fitted 12 years ago to replace two missing upper teeth. The metal in the bridges made her natural teeth look grey, and the bridges themselves kept falling off.


Two new all-ceramic bridges were bonded to replace her old metal bridges.


Multi implant crowns to replace missing teeth.
A 64 year old male patient had many missing teeth, and other teeth that were failing after being heavily restored with root canals, posts and crowns. He did not want to wear a denture.


Implants were inserted to replace each missing tooth. He can now smile, and his kids no longer call him Papa Monster!

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