Before: After:

Patient was not happy with his smile.

Solution: Crowns and Veneers to rebuild his bite and smile.

Treatment completed by Dr. Michael Kan.

Before: After:

Patient was unhappy with her upper teeth when she smiled.


  • Teeth whitening
  • 4 Upper Porcelain Veneers and a Crown

Treatment completed by Dr. Michael Kan.

Natalia Gorelova with Danny Trejo

‘After an unfortunate accident, my two front teeth crowns had to be replaced. I could not recommend Michael enough. He possesses such incredible skills and attention to detail – his work is immaculate. Thank you so much Michael for everything. I’m going back to the States with a Hollywood smile! :)’

– Natalia Gorelova


Patient wanted whiter teeth, three of her front teeth had gone dark and her front teeth had broken. Beyond whitening. Internal whitening for the three dark teeth and two crowns on her two front teeth to restore her smile.

Patient was very unhappy with her smile. New crowns.

before 9.jpg After 9.jpg