Teeth Straightening

Before: After:

Female patient was unhappy with:

  • Her upper right lateral was shorter than her upper left lateral incisor
  • The mid-line between her 2 upper front teeth was sloping
  • There was a black gap between the 2 upper front teeth.


  • Lingual Braces (Braces on the inner side of the teeth so they cannot be seen) to align the teeth.
  • Composite bonding to close the dark space between her teeth.

Treatment completed by Dr. Michael Kan.


Before: After:

19 year old female wanted straight lower teeth without seeing braces. Solution: Lingual braces (bonded on the inside of her teeth so they were not visible) Treatment took 2 ½ months.

straightening-1-before.jpg straightening-1b-after.jpg

This patient was unhappy with her upper 4 front teeth being crooked, but did not want braces or invisalign re-aligners. Whitening and 4 upper veneers to straighten her teeth. Treatment took two appointments, ten working days apart.

veneers-4-before.jpg veneers-4-after.jpg

Patient wanted straight teeth but didn’t want braces. Treatment was four porcelain veneers and whitening to straighten teeth and improve smile.

straightening-2-before.jpg straightening-2-after.jpg Size: 18.90 kB Dimension: 406 x 270 pixels

20 year old female wished her lower teeth were straight, but did not want metal braces. Clear ceramic brackets were fitted to straighten her teeth. Treatment time was six months.

31-before.jpg 31-after.jpg

Teeth straightening with braces on the inside of the teeth. Braces on with straight teeth.

32-before.jpg 32-after.jpg

Patient wanted straight teeth. Orthodontic treatment using clear braces.

40-before.jpg 40-after.jpg

Patient had a crooked, uneven smile. Treatment was braces to straighten his teeth and whitening to improve the colour.

Before 7.jpg After 7.jpg

Patient wanted straight lower teeth. Lingual braces that fit on the inside so her friends could not see them, treatment took 3 months.

lower berfore 2.jpg Lower After 2.JPG

Patient wanted straight upper and lower teeth without braces. Here are the upper teeth before. Upper teeth after treatment using removable plates to straighten his teeth.

Before upper 2.JPG Before After2.JPG

Here are the lower teeth before. Lower teeth after treatment using removable plates to straighten his teeth.