Emergency Dentistry

  • Immediate appointments available
  • No extra charge for an immediate appointment
  • Meet with highly experienced dentists, Dr Michael Kan or Dr Elizabeth Kim
  • Adept at handling any dental emergency you have, from chipped teeth to dental surgery

Emergency Hours

Our clinic is open from 7:30am to 5:00pm from Monday to Thursday, and closed on Friday’s.

Clinic Closed During Weekend

If you have a dental emergency during the weekend, we won’t be able to see you.

However, the clinic opens at 7:30am on Monday morning and we can arrange an appointment immediately for you, even right then and there.

You can leave a voicemail message or email us via our contact us enquiry form anytime during the weekend and we’ll reply as soon as the clinic opens on Monday morning.

With the best in cosmetic dentistry equipment and expertise on hand, we can help you with any dental emergency you have.

Case Studies

42 year old man fractured his tooth while chewing muesli.
The gum was recontoured and the tooth prepared for a high strength overlay crown. As much of the existing tooth structure was preserve. Many dentists would of removed the tooth or tried a conventional crown which would of removed more tooth structure. If the tooth was extracted then the tooth could be replaced with a denture,or bridge or an implant.

Emergency Tooth Replacement 1Emergency Teeth Repair

Patient fractured their front tooth on a swimming pool accident when diving in and their face hitting the bottom of the pool. The enamel crown had a shear fracture. The tooth was restored in one visit on the day using direct composite bonding.

A distressed mother bought her child in with enamel defects on their lower anterior incisors. Composite bonding was used to resurface the teeth to block out the enamel defects. The treatment was completed with no local anesthetic and in one appointment.

A patient fractured their teeth in a bike accident, fracturing the enamel. Direct composite bonding was done to restore the teeth to their former glory.