Teeth Whitening

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Patient was not happy with his smile and did not want Braces.


  • Teeth whitening
  • 4 Upper Porcelain Veneers

Treatment completed by Dr. Michael Kan.

Patient wanted whiter teeth, three of her front teeth had gone dark and her front teeth had broken. Internal whitening for the three dark teeth and two crowns on her two front teeth to restore her smile.
3-before.jpg 3-after.jpg
19 year old female wanted whiter teeth and a more even smile. Laser whitening and 6 porcelain veneers.


14-before.jpg 14-after.jpg
46 year old male did not smile much due to his dark front tooth. Upper front dark tooth root filled & internal whitening gel placed inside the tooth to remove the internal staining.


19-before.jpg 19-after.jpg
This patient had tried whitening trays but gagged when wearing them. Beyond whitening (some dentists call it laser whitening). Whiter teeth in one visit with zero gagging.


9-before.jpg 9-after.jpg
45 year old female hated her teeth and did not smile. Another dentist had tried to improve her smile to avail. Crowns were placed to reshape and whiten her teeth to give her a smile she is now confident with.