Dental Crowns

Crowns are used to rebuild and restore weak, yellowed or damaged and crooked teeth and can dramatically enhance your smile.

Crowns are a high strength cover crafted from dental porcelain that fits over weakened teeth. During your examination Dr Michael Kan will discuss the best options to rebuild your current smile.

Case Studies

Patient wanted whiter teeth, three of her front teeth had gone dark and her front teeth had broken.

before 9.jpgAfter 9.jpg

Solution: Internal whitening for the three dark teeth and two crowns on her two front teeth to restore her smile.

This 41 year old patient had been to another dentist to improve her smile. After they had completed treatment, she did not like the result of her new smile

Got a question about dental crowns? Send us your smile and get an obligation free reply from Dr Michael Kan.Solution: Three porcelain veneers and one porcelain crown were bonded on her 4 front upper teeth. She now loves her new smile.

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