Smile Makeovers

“My teeth were a mess but that was the last thing on my mind to get fixed at the time. Because of our financial situation, I made the wrong decision and had my problem teeth pulled out, which I regretted over time.  I promised myself that once my children had grown up I would get my teeth fixed and get my smile back. I found it embarrassing to smile and was very self conscious.”

“Dr Michael Kan changed my life. The best thing I have ever done for my self was going to Cosmetic Dental and meeting Dr Michael Kan. He gave me my confidence back and a beautiful white smile that everybody comments on and is envious about.”

“My beautiful smile involved the following treatments over the course of a year: Gum treatments, implants, veneers, crowns and whitening. I was so ecstatic with the results. My teeth look white and straight but very natural. People who don’t know me cannot tell I had cosmetic dentistry because they look so natural.”


Patient had been unhappy with her smile for years.

Solution: Veneers bonded for a smile make over. Performed by Dr Michael Kan


Patient had his 2 front teeth broken and was unhappy with his last dentist work. Legal action was taken against him.

Solution: Two front teeth were rebuilt in one appointment using composite bonding. Performed by Dr Michael Kan


Male patient was unhappy with his smile for years due to missing teeth and gaps between his teeth.

Solution: Orthodontic treatment to close spaces between the two front teeth and open spaces to allow room to place 2 anterior bridges to replace missing teeth. Performed by Dr Michael Kan


Smile Makeover:

44 year old female’s teeth worn down due to grinding teeth asleep. Six new upper porcelain veneers were bonded to reshape and lengthen her teeth.


Extreme Smile Makeover:

Patient hated her smile. Porcelain veneers, crowns and dental implant crowns to replace missing teeth.


Smile Makeover For Your Wedding Day:

This patient wanted his teeth to look good for his wedding. Smile makeover using porcelain veneers.


Extreme Smile Makeover:

Adrian never used to smile and his dream was to have a nice smile. Other dentists had tried but gave up. Orthodontic treatment to correct bite, 8 implants & crowns, 8 veneers, 5 cerec inlays, and one 3-unit porcelain bridge.


Patient wanted a new smile as she was embarrassed to smile.


  • Her missing teeth were replaced with dental implant crowns.
  • A front tooth was veneered to balance her smile.
  • Teeth whitening was completed to whiten her smile.

Treatment completed by Dr. Michael Kan.