Patient wanted straight teeth Solution: Braces to align her teeth.

Treatment completed by Dr. Michael Kan


Before: After:

Patient wanted a better smile. He needed jaw surgery to break and reposition his jaws. He was totally against having his jaw broken.

Solution: Braces were used to align his teeth without any jaw surgery.

Patient was very happy as now he can smile without undergoing expensive jaw surgery.

Treatment completed by Dr. Michael Kan.


Before: After:

Patient was depressed about the look of his teeth. He did not smile and had problems eating.


  • Removed unsaveble teeth.
  • Removed the decay and restored the saveable teeth.
  • Aligned the lower teeth with Braces.
  • Rebuilt the bite and re-aligned the jaw.
  • Teeth whitening.
  • Replaced missing teeth with a precision metal framed denture.

Treatment completed by Dr. Michael Kan.


Patient wanted straighter teeth. Solution: Braces without teeth being removed.

Treatment completed by Dr. Michael Kan.


The patient’s treatment plan was to have 4 premolar teeth removed by another orthodontist. Dr Michael Kan gave a non-extraction option.

Solution: No teeth were removed, space was made to align the teeth by growing the dental arches.

Treatment completed by Dr. Michael Kan



23 year old male was concerned that his teeth were getting damged from his bite and wanted to correct it.

Solution: Orthodontics to correct his bite and composite bonding to reshape his teeth.



Patient came in 10 months before her wedding wanting straight white teeth.

Solution: Controlled arch orthodontics to expand and straighten her teeth whitening to improve the colour and bonding to give the front teeth a more even stage. All treatment was completed 3 weeks before her wedding.



24 year old female had impacted upper left and right canines, her wish was for a nice smile.

Solution: Upper braces to align her impacted canines. Performed by Dr Michael Kan



A 13 year old boy came in wanting straight teeth.

Solution: Orthodontics to straighten his teeth in 10 months.


31-before.jpg 31-after.jpg

Teeth straightening with braces on the inside of the teeth. Braces on with straight teeth.


32-before.jpg 32-after.jpg

Patient wanted straight teeth. Orthodontic treatment using clear braces.


40-before.jpg 40-after.jpg

Patient had a crooked, uneven smile. Treatment was braces to straighten his teeth and whitening to improve the colour.


before 5.JPG After 5.jpg

Patient was unhappy with her smile. Braces to straighten her teeth and gum lift and composite bonding.


Before 6 (2).jpg after 6.jpg

Patient wanted straight teeth. Clear invisible braces to straighten his teeth.


Before 7.jpg After 7.jpg

Patient wanted straight lower teeth. Lingual braces that fit on the inside so her friends could not see them, the treatment took 3 months.