Paediatric Dentistry

Despite ongoing media campaigns, early tooth decay is an ever-increasing problem for New Zealand children.  Unfortunately, many parents are unsure of exactly how easily and quickly dental cavities can establish — and the results are all too often seen in school dental clinics across the country.

Paediatric dentistry is a specialized field, and as there are only two paediatric dentists practicing in Auckland, the demand for dentists with specialized post-graduate training and experience in paediatric dentistry is highly sought after.

General dentists are often uncertain of what action is required after a dental trauma involving permanent teeth (i.e. orthodontic splinting and repositioning of teeth following traumatic displacement). This can result in precious time being lost – compromising the patient’s bite, aesthetics and long-term self-confidence. In order to make a time-critical and informed decision, it is vital that parents are given their options by a confident and competent paediatric clinician.

Our paediatric patients love coming in to see Dr Michael Kan. With a gentle manner and fun-directed treatment, many children request to stay in the dental chair watching movies rather than go home!

Whether you’re a child or an adult receiving treatment, you and your generations to come will always enjoy a gentle and informed procedure, leaving you positive, relaxed and fear-free.