43 year old female wanted the gaps closed between her teeth.

Solution: Composite bonding to close the gaps, treatment was completed in one appointment with no injections.

Before: After:

Patient had been unhappy with her smile for years.

Solution: Veneers bonded for a smile make over.

Before: After:

Patient wanted straight teeth but did not want orthodontic treatment (braces).

Solution: A gum lift was performed to even the gum line and 2 veneers were bonded. The veneers took two appointments 7 days apart to complete.

Before: After:

Patient had his 2 front teeth broken and was unhappy with his last dentist work. Legal action was taken against him.

Solution: Two front teeth were rebuilt in one appointment using composite bonding.

Before: After:

Patient wanted to improve her smile, she was not comfortable smiling.

Solution: Two porcelain crowns and 4 porcelain veneers. Now she is very comfortable to smile and show off her teeth.

Before: After:

After having four children this patient wanted to do something for herself, She hated her smile and her wish was for a nice smile.

Solution: Four porcelain crowns and whitening. She now smiles freely with confidence.

Before: After:

46 year old man came in wanting a better smile for his wedding to look good for his partner.

Solution: Upper composite veneers and whitening.

7-before.jpg 7-after.jpg

This patient was unhappy with previous veneers at another dentists. Four upper front veneers were replaced with new porcelain ones that matched her white smile.

10-before.jpg 10-after.jpg

62 year old female didn’t smile due to the gaps between her upper front teeth. Upper six teeth were veneered and back teeth crowned.

34-before.jpg 34-after.jpg

Patient’s complaint was short two front teeth. Two new veneers to restore her smile.

Before pt1.jpg After pt 1.JPG

Patient wanted a nice smile for his wedding. Composite veneers completed in one appointment without any local anaesthetic.

Before 3.jpg After 3.JPG

Patient has worn her teeth from grinding and wanted a nice smile. Composite veneers to improve her smile and change her bite.

before 4.jpg After 4.JPG

Patient wanted a nice smile so she felt confident in smiling. 4 porcelain veneers and 2 crowns.