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There are many procedures that Dr Michael Kan can offer to replace missing teeth. These include dental implants, bridges, and dentures. Implants are inserted into the bone of the missing tooth, and a porcelain crown is joined to it. This provides the most natural appearance, which is functional and will last a life time.

A dental implant can help you to regain your lost confidence and beautiful smile. At Cosmetic Dental we offer you the best techniques and choices that are designed for you personally. During your examination, Dr Kan will discuss options with you and advise the benefit and costs involved for each procedure.



Patient lost 2 back teeth and could not chew his food.

Solution: 2 implant crowns placed to replace the missing teeth, so now the patint can chew.

Case Study

This 27 year old female patient was born with a number of missing adult teeth. She wanted the gaps replaced for her wedding.


before treatment

after treatment

Solution: Dental implants were used to replace the missing teeth. This saved us cutting down the surrounding teeth if we had treated her with bridges.

Patient Smile Gallery
View the before and after results of two more implant treatments.

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