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Risks of Overseas Dental Holidays

What are the hidden risks of cheaper overseas dental treatment?

#1. The treatment that the patient is seeking on their vacation may not be able to be carried out once the patient is overseas due to factors that needs to be treated before complex treatment can be carried out.

For example, root canal treatment is needed before a crown is placed. Gum problems need to be sorted out before teeth whitening. Bone grafting to build up the bone before placing implants.

#2. There is no follow up once you are home from the treating doctor.

#3. Who is going to maintain the treatment once you are back at home.

#4. The ideal treatment sequence is changed or shorten to get the job done in the time provided.

#5. Lack of planning due to time constrains.

#6. Cheaper material to cut costs, for example, using non-gold alloys in crowns and dentures Cheaper composite to save costs.

#7. Treatment carried out may not be beneficial to the patient as the dentist does not want to disappoint the patient after that have spent so much on traveling.

#8. Dentists are fatigued due to long hours to get the job done and needing to working longer hours to make a living due to lower fees. This has the potential for their standards to drop.

#9. Main reason the patient goes overseas is not better treatment but costs savings. We should aim at getting the best treatment so restorations do not leak like a leaky building.

Benefits of seeing a Auckland Dentist.

#12. There is more time to plan and deliver the treatment in the right sequence for the best possible outcome.

#2. There is follow and after treatment care.

#3. Doctors reputations is at stake to do an excellent job.

#4. No travel or accommodation costs.

#5. For most patients time away from work is costly, so going on a holiday should be relaxing and enjoyable, not uncomfortable and stressful.

#6. New Zealand has regulations and standard in the dental profession.

The unique services that Cosmetic Dental offer

#1. Experience in carrying out complex work as that is our speciality.

#2. We listen to our patients wants and needs to give them the best possible outcome.

#3. Choose dental materials on merit, not cost.

#4. Cosmetic Dental is a privately owned clinic, not a corporate that is driven by the maximum possible profit.

#5. Our team is passionate about dentistry.

#6. We rely on referrals for growth so we need to do deliver patients treatment is the best possible way.

#7. Post graduate education in dentistry.

#8. Will deliver treatment in the correct sequence for the best results.

#9. Look out side the square to solve patients wants and needs

#10. Examinations involve an appointment to take photos, records, X-rays and sometimes study models.  A treatment plan is developed to give you the best treatment options and costs so you can make an informed decision on the best treatment for you.

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